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Keepin' it Real with 

Episode 1 

Dr. Brian Caswell was 14 years old when he drowned and experienced life after death. Also known as an NDE or near-death experience. This one moment in time has become the cornerstone of his perception of the world. Over the past 32 years, his immediate rejection of coming back from beyond to his final acceptance many years later has guided him to focus on helping others in the healing arts. His adventures from deep-rooted Catholicism to a more spiritual love-centered belief system are what drive him daily in his quest to know and share more.


Some of our topics include:

  • Why people don’t feel like they ‘belong’ after an NDE.

  • During his death he felt pure love and connection to everything that has been and will be.

  • There is no fear, pain, anger, shame.

  • It was HOME - life on this planet is the illusion.

  • You understand everything.

  • There is no time.

  • The interconnectedness of a single thought.

  • Surrender to living in the moment in the best possible way! 


Keepin' it Real with 

Episode 2 - My NDE Going Forward Part 1 

Dr. Brian Caswell is a doctor of Chinese Medicine. When he was 14 years old he drowned and experienced life after death. In this episode, Brian talks about his actual experience.

In this episode, he expands on his experience to share how it has affected the rest of his life and how it has changed him.


  • How Brian’s NDE influenced his life, thinking, and decisions going forward in life.

  • What is the point of all of this.

  • What is my purpose.

  • The journey from ‘hiding’ from the world to having a zest for life.

  • It is the little acts of kindness that are important.


Keepin' it Real with 

Episode 3 - The 8 Extraordinary Meridians  

Dr. Brian Caswell is an Acupuncture Physician who also experienced a Near Death Experience which we talk about in Episode 163. In part one of our conversation, Brian shared how his NDE has affected his life. In Part 2 of our conversation he is going to share with us the Daoist Chinese Medicine perspective of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians.

  • What is traditional Chinese Medicine - a little history

  • Stone medicine is very powerful - Heaven’s energy in solid form

  • Do you feel like you are in the wrong body? The wrong timeline? etc

  • Searching for what your purpose is

  • Acting as a conduit of change

  • Using herbs and stones that match the vibrations of the channels

  • Tapping into the akashic records

  • Self Cultivation

  • Who am I… Why am I here

  • Cycles of 7 & 8 are when major life events occur and record a major imprint in time

  • There are ways to tap into aspects of self that perhaps we didn’t think was possible

  • Daoist Traditions, Asheville NC


Jeff Mara Podcast

Episode 1 

He Learned That NDEs Are A Gift From his Near Death Experience


Questions regarding podcasts are most certainly welcome!





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