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Are you ready for a program that guides you to Health and Wellness? 

A Free Webinar on "The 3 Biggest Things Holding You Back from Getting Healthy"


Introducing Dr. B's Health Academy


Presented by:

Dr. Brian Caswell AP, DOM, L.Ac

Founder of Dr. B's Health Academy

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In this free webinar, we will cover



How Western Medicine
sees symptoms, disease, and treatment.
How Holistic Medicine sees symptoms, disease, and treatment. 


What does the term ‘Multicomponent ’ mean in relation to health and wellness? 


What does an ‘Epidemic of Chronic Disease ’ mean?


What is something that I begin today to make a change?

Q &
after the presentation

You may have noticed I grabbed a few awards along the way



If you’re stuck trying to get and stay healthy, or you’ve tried every doctor, diet, or prescription out there, I totally understand!


If you’re tired of being sick and fed up with not knowing how or why you’re not alone. 

You just want to be able to enjoy life again or maybe, for the first time see what's possible. 




— Nick, B

"Dr. Brian is genuine, truly passionate & knowledgeable about his work, and eager to work with his patients & explain the process each step of the way."


Hey there! My name is Brian Caswell and I help people like you. 

Over the last decade, I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of patients through some of the best and worst of times. I have worked with the simple common cold to the almost impossible autoimmune diseases. I have had patients trying to prevent disease to those who have chosen me as their last resort. I have laughed, and cried, been excited and frustrated, but all along with you learning, adapting, and changing every day. 

Through this last crazy year, I have poured everything that I know into a 9-course Health Academy. For those patients that know me. You know I am obsessed with learning and have spent many restless days and nights putting this together. All with the hopes that for the first time, people like you could have real-world, clinically tested, highly successful information and treatment plans at your fingertips.  

Dr. B’s Health Academy is a step-by-step program that shows you how to navigate the world of Health and Wellness, all the way from Allergies and Anxiety, to Immunity and Inflammation. 


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Stick around after the webinar for a free bonus and $100 off my 9 course series. 

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